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We have been creating beautiful smiles for more than 25 years and nurture long term patient relationships going ‘above and beyond’ what is expected. Every patient is special, every patient is an individual at Ace Braces Orthodontics, and there is no one formula used. We strive to provide excellent dental and facial aesthetics in a professional and relaxed setting.

We use our expertise to provide the best smile possible through uncompromising personalised service and orthodontic excellence.

Working together for more than 25 years, Dr. O’Regan and his team boast over 135 years’ service between them and with exceptionally low staff turnover are 100% committed to the team effort. Each team player contributes to the overall excellence of the practice and believes they are the ‘best’ in both their individual roles and in coming together to provide the optimum experience for each and every patient who comes to our practice.

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Best decision I ever made ... I really couldn't be happier with my teeth and my new smile
Elma - Invisalign
We travelled from Galway to Tullamore ... I couldn't be more delighted with Ace Braces.
The difference was ridiculous!
... I absolutely couldn't recommend them enough
Sean & Mum




Orthodontics for Children

Our younger patients often request ‘train-tracks’, many want colours on their braces and they love our motivational ‘Best Brushing‘ monthly prizes.

Orthodontics for Teens

Our Teens enjoy having the choice of metal or clear braces, and they, with their parents, decide what brace they feel most comfortable with.

Orthodontics for Adults

Our adult patients, on the other hand, are delighted with our complete range of orthodontic treatments. Book a consultation now.


braces in ireland best orthodontist

braces in ireland best orthodontist

Invisalign Pro not Invisalign Go

Ace Braces are specialists in clear braces.

Invisalign involves wearing a practically invisible set of clear braces (aligners) provided by a specialist orthodontist in Tullamore, Ireland or in Portlaoise. They are custom molded to fit you which are changed every 10 days to move your teeth gently into the required position.

Almost no one can tell you are wearing Invisalign. They are easy to wear, comfortable and virtually invisible clear braces so you can get your teeth straightened without friends realizing you are wearing braces.

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Invisalign Teen

Invisalign - it's for teenagers too!

Invisalign has several treatment options available for teenagers, depending on the stage of teeth development. Some teenagers will be suitable for the same Invisalign treatment as adult patients. Younger teenagers, or those whose adult teeth have not yet erupted can be treated with Invisalign Teen – a treatment designed specifically for teenagers. Your Invisalign Provider will determine which treatment best suits your individual needs and the condition of your teeth.

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Ceramic-Clear Braces

Ace Braces are specialists in ceramic clear braces.

Ceramic or tooth coloured braces "brackets" are made of a translucent substance instead of metal so appearance wise our braces blend in and are less noticeable.

Our ceramic braces are very very popular with adults and generally our ceramic clear braces are provided on the upper front six teeth so when you smile the braces are not obvious. They are often called clear braces. Braces are not just for kids but for all the family.

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Fixed Braces

Ace Braces are specialists in fixed braces.

Fixed braces can be ceramic or metal. They are glued on so there is no injection or pain. Because they are glued on, the patient cannot eat toffees or jellies which will break off the brackets. Also it takes a little longer to brush your teeth.

Fixed appliances are much more powerful than removable braces and can move teeth in all three dimensions. Simple alignment may only take 6 months whereas full treatment may take 18 months to 2 years.

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Specialist Orthodontic Practice

25 years dedicated exclusively to Specialist Orthodontics.

Dedicated Professional Team

Outstanding Clinicians with Extensive Clinical Experience.

Award Winning Orthodontic Practice

Winner of several prestigious awards both in Ireland and the UK.

Proven Tradition of Excellence

70% of referrals come from existing patients or colleagues.

Patient Satisfaction

Consistent 5 star reviews from patients.

Colleagues Choice of Referral

Regularly recommended by GDPS and Specialist Colleagues.

Lasting Patient Relationships

Build strong lasting relationships between patients and clinicians.

Community Involvement

Supporting local sports teams and local and international charities.