Flexible Payment Plan

We offer an interest free flexible payment plan to pay the cost of braces. With normal fixed appliance braces, we suggest a deposit on the day treatment starts and €220 per month. see new smiles! Have a chat to us and see how we can help spread the cost of your treatment.

Braces are currently tax deductible so you should get 20% back-check with your accountant.


Single arch cost from €2,500  to €3,000.
Full upper and lower fixed appliance metal braces "traintracks" usually cost from €4,000 to €5,000 for Children and are payable in installments. This includes removable retainers. The fee depends on how much work has to be done and how long treatment is needed for, so this can vary from 6 months to over 2 years.

Clear ceramic brackets are also available.


Invisalign  or SPARK, Upper and Lower Professional from €4,400 to €4900.

We normally add fixed retainers worth €400 for our Invisalign patients free of charge.

We may charge an extra €300 per arch for Ceramic Clear Brackets on the front teeth.

We also use SPARK which is a competitor to Invisalign, manufactured by Ormco

Tax Relief

Tax relief All fees are allowable against tax. A "Med 2" form and receipt will be provided.


If you have any comprehensive treatment at Ace Braces, all initial retainers are free of charge. Follow–up visits are free of charge for 12months after you finish your treatment.

There is no point wasting money on an examination if you are not suitable for braces so contact us for a FREE* CONSULTATION (*charge for Xrays) .


An opg panoramic radiograph costs €60. We do not do fillings,crowns or dentures.

During your FREE* consultation (children only) we may take xrays of your teeth which there is a charge for. (*charge for Xrays)


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